Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Time to do Some “Spring Cleaning” to Your Health

When it comes to our health, we can always go the extra mile to get a little healthier.  Here are 5 easy ways to do just that!

1. Cut Back on the Sugar: First things first, if your blood sugar level (a.k.a. blood glucose level) is high, you need to address that ASAP.  Excess sugar in the blood stream is one of the most damaging factors to a human body.  Elevated glucose levels can lead to many diseases because of its inflammatory effects on our body.  Ask your doctor to check your fasting blood glucose level as well as your Hemoglobin A1c levels.  If these levels are high, you can be at an increased risk for diseases like diabetes, strokes, heart disease, degenerative neurological diseases, autoimmune diseases and even cancer, just to name a few.

2. Watch Your Weight:  Your risk of developing many diseases increases if your body weight and body fat percentages are above normal.  While not everyone comes in the same shape or size, if you are above the normal ranges for these, studies show that your health risks do go up.

3. Exercise Daily: Yes, daily.  It doesn’t have to be in the weight room or on the exercise bike but you do need to make an effort to move every day.  Whether it's taking stairs at work or taking the dog for a walk after work, try and get moving every day.  So, get the idea out of your head that "exercise" has to be in tight spandex, running on a treadmill.  Exercise can just be getting your body moving every day.

4. Make Sleep a Priority: Sleep is the time when our bodies heal.  Hectic schedules and the decreased quality of the foods that we eat put our bodies through a lot of stress.  This means that sleep needs to be a priority.  If you’re not getting enough sleep, your pain threshold is also lowered, which makes all those little aches and pains become worse, possibly affecting your ability to get through your day.  If possible, it’s best to try and sleep in 1.5 hour increments.  This ensures that you will wake up in between REM cycles, avoiding that “groggy” feeling you sometimes get.  If you want an easy way to figure that out, check out www.sleepyti.me and have them do the math for you.

5. Eat More Veggies: Vegetables are very “nutrient dense”, meaning that they contain lots of vitamins and minerals.  Many herbs that used to be incorporated into cooking simply to add flavor are now being used in capsule form for medicinal purposes.  So, if your meals are about 40-50% vegetables, you are essentially healing your body through your foods without even having to try too hard (not to mention dropping your overall calorie intake which equals weight loss!)  If you are not a big fan of vegetables, try out some that you've never had before.  It’s amazing to hear how often people say they never liked a particular food until they tried it.

6. Get Adjusted!:  Last but not least, chiropractic adjustments are a great way to ensure that your spine is functioning to the best of its’ ability, which helps ensure that your nervous system is functioning to the best of its’ ability.  Since the nerves are the primary means of communication between the brain and the body, it’s vital that it functions without any interference.  If you’d like to schedule a free chiropractic consultation, call  (303) 463-0722 or visit my website at WestDenverChiropractor.com!

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