Monday, October 29, 2012

Chiropractic Can’t Do It All…

As people go through the process of chiropractic care, they start to feel better.  Pain levels decrease while energy levels increase.  They also start to become more immune to everyday aches, pains, and illnesses.  Still, no long-term healthcare plan can work without making adjustments to other aspects of your life aside from your spine.  The overall goal of chiropractic care is to help people lead better quality lives, and there are certain things you can do to complement your regular adjustments.

Regular Exercise

Working out is often the last thing on the minds of those suffering from chronic pain.  While it’s never good to push your body too far, and you should try and start an exercise program when you’re ready.  Regular running, biking, and strength training exercises complement chiropractic treatments by strengthening muscles and increasing the flexibility of ligaments and tendons.  Alternative exercises like yoga and tai chi are also beneficial for the spine, and are great complements to chiropractic care.

Better Eating

A part of being healthy is to nourish your body with all of the nutrients it needs to function.  Americans are too reliant on processed foods, which can be devoid of nutritional value and full of fat, sugar, salt, and toxins.  Too much of these foods can make you more susceptible to illnesses and can disrupt your body’s natural ability to heal itself. 

For your best bet, try to avoid pre-packaged or prepared foods.  If possible, eat organic foods whenever you can.  While they may be more expensive, they do tend to be more ‘nutrient dense’ and have fewer toxins.  If you are confused about a certain product, consider how many ingredients it has.  A product with more than three ingredients is usually indicative of a processed food.

Adequate Rest

Have you ever noticed that extreme stress and a lack of sleep make your neck and back ache?  As stress creeps up into your neck, your spine gets out of whack.  Also, a lack of sleep can cause you to slouch more, which places more pressure on your lower back.  Gaining adequate rest is crucial to the overall success of your chiropractic treatments.  Aim for at least seven hours of sleep per night, and take cat naps as often as you need to.

Stay Hydrated

Dehydration can lead to fatigue, over eating, and bloating.  If you have trouble remembering to drink enough water, try filling a large water bottle every morning and bring it with you to work or school.  With a container of water at your side, it’s easier and more convenient to drink.

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