Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Is Texting Ruining Your Child’s Posture?

Poor posture, especially Forward Head Posture (FHP) is much more than just not looking your best. Poor posture is an outward indicator that your body is out of balance.

Being out of postural alignment causes an increase in tension of the muscles in the upper back and neck, like the tension on a bow-string needed to launch the arrow. It also causes increased downward “compressive” forces that adversely affect the disks and joint surfaces in the neck.

Have you noticed your teenager suffering from more and more frequent neck pain and headaches?  It’s happening across the globe. The trend started just a generation ago with backpacks for school, then video games, increased computer use and it has culminated with the biggest stressors of them all, texting. An average 14-year-old will send and receive 11,000 text messages a month. Texting puts the head in 4.5” of forward head travel. That is a lot of stress, and unfortunately will cause the muscles in the back of the neck to stretch and the muscles in the front to shorten.  This can cause increased "wear and tear" on the joints of the neck and cause the muscles to become weak and inflexible.

Every school district in the country requires a scoliosis exam, but none of those look at FHP.  If your child is experiencing headaches or neck pain, FHP could be the cause and they can benefit greatly from Chiropractic.  Call today and schedule a free evaluation (303) 463-0722!

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