Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A New All Natural Supplement May Help Block ‘Breast Cancer’ Gene Activation

Scientists have discovered that different forms of estrogen have a profoundly different risk profiles for potentially causing breast cancer. What does that mean to you?

It’s been known for years that Estradiol (or E2), the form of estrogen associated with the menstrual cycle, can, especially in combination with other metabolic malfunction, cause breast cancer.

A new study shows that Estriol (or E3) has the opposite effect, actually blocking the breast cancer gene signals that are activated by E2.

This finding is of major significance for any woman looking for strategies to help reduce breast cancer risk.
Technically Speaking

Science has demonstrated that via Estradiol’s activation of estrogen receptors there was an increased risk for breast cancer. The new gene science shows that Estradiol is activating something called G protein-coupled receptor 30 (GPR30) that is ‘TURNING ON’ growth in a variety of female cancers.

The newest study shows that Estriol directly blocks the activation of the protein receptor GPR30, and this in turn is preventing the activation of a variety of genes that fuel breast cancer growth. So this news is huge. It has long been observed that Estriol appeared “protective against female cancers” – well here is the first proof of the mechanism.

Unbeknownst to many women, they suffer from HIGH levels of Estradiol. What are the symptoms of elevated levels of Estriadiol? Symptoms can include things like heavy menstrual cycles and headaches during your menstrual cycle. Stress and digestive problems can aggravate these issues and if you’re like 95% of the rest of the population, you definitely have STRESS.

A woman in her early forties often has increased Estradiol production prior to menopause (again reflected by heavier cycles) which can increase her estrogen-driven cancer risk. While any women with the symptoms of high estrogen menstrual cycles should work diligently to improve the underlying health problems that are causing this issue, it appears that Estriol is protective and along with progesterone could be used to promote a healthier balance between these important female hormones. A new safe and effective Estriol skin crème is available to help protect you against this change in dangerous Estradiol levels. Learn more at!

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