Friday, May 7, 2010

Been a Bit Stressed-Out Lately?

Sorry to hear it, but here’s some bad news that might stress you out a bit more. All of that stress you endure is really bad for your health. Stress can impact all aspects of your health, and therefore, your life.

Do you suffer from nagging headaches? Could be stress. Not sleeping well? Could be stress. Back pain, frequent colds, frequent upset stomach? Stress, stress, stress. Even negative thoughts and feelings like anxiety, irritability, sadness, depression, anger and restlessness can be stress related.

Stress can even cause behavioral problems such as under-eating or overeating, drug or alcohol abuse, increased difficulty in controlling your temper, and social withdrawal. Long term exposure to stress can contribute to the development of chronic, life-threatening illnesses such as heart palpitations, high blood pressure and heart disease.

In fact, it’s been estimated that up to 80% of all physical illnesses are related to stress! One of the reasons is that stress is regulated by small glands in your body called the adrenal glands, also known as the “stress glands“. Many things you eat or drink affect these glands, resulting in your body not being able to handle stress, resulting in many health issues.

What To Do?

It’s somewhat of a vicious circle, isn’t it? Life is stressful enough without having to incur even more stress by worrying about what all that stress is doing to your health!

Certainly, there’s no escaping the fact that life is stressful. Eliminating stress from our lives is pretty much impossible and the hectic pace and daily demands of modern life only compound the problem. Fortunately, there are ways to mitigate the effects of stress, and even reduce the amount you have to endure.

Chiropractic Can Help

Chiropractic care can be a very effective means of both reducing your overall stress level, and managing the physical impact of stress has on your health. How can chiropractic help? By assuring that your nervous system functions efficiently, free from any form of interference or irritation.

Chiropractic adjustments help restore proper function to the spine, eliminating subluxations, muscle spasm, joint inflammation and pressure on spinal nerves. When the nervous system is allowed to function free of interference, your body is better able do deal with stress and you become a happier, healthier person!

The sense of relaxation and contentment that most chiropractic patients experience after a treatment is a great way to reduce mental stress. Acupuncture and massage therapy, also available at our office, are also helpful in reducing physical tension and decreasing mental stress.

Take Control of Your Life by Controlling Your Stress

Remember the ‘vicious circle’ mentioned earlier – the effects of stress being continuously compounded by the effects of stress? Well, the circle doesn’t have to turn in only one direction.

By utilizing chiropractic care to lessen your stress and mitigate its impact upon your health, you can make that circle change direction and work in your favor. Instead of accumulating stress, you can experience the soothing relief of stress reduction. And as your body and psyche heals from the relief, you’ll dump even more stress. You’ll be turning that circle the other way – loosening the spring, ratcheting down the tension. Can’t you feel a bit of relief just imagining it?

Why not get the stress relief process started today with a call to our office at (303) 463-0722? You’ll likely feel a bit less stressed just for having made the call, knowing that relief awaits.

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