Thursday, April 22, 2010

Our Office From A Practice Member's Perspective

Instead of reading what I have to say about Chiropractic, I’d like to pass on what one of our patients had to say about our office.

"When you receive a diagnosis of breast cancer, your priorities in life change. You begin to surround yourself with the best doctors: ones that have the skill, knowledge and compassion to help you through the toughest and darkest time of your life.

Even with the best Oncologist and Surgeon, you still search for help. That is where Doctor Jim Doran and his Chiropractic Wellness Center entered my life.

With exceptional knowledge of the human body and mind, Dr. Doran’s caring nature sets him apart from conventional treatments. Through body alignments and acupuncture, I was able to work throughout my treatments and bounce back to my same old self.

Life is about caring for your mind, body and soul and I entrusted mine to Doctor Doran and his staff. For me personally, I could not have made a better decision. Give yourself that same chance. Call today -- start on your way to good health."

- Lindajo Danielson

I hope you will give our office the chance to help you with your health concerns as well.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Good Posture... Just How Important Is It To Your Health?

Everyone knows that eating right, exercising, getting a good night's sleep and avoiding potentially harmful substances like alcohol, drugs and tobacco are at the top of the list when you are talking about good health. Did you know that maintaining good posture ranks just as high on that list? Good posture allows you to do things with more energy, less stress and less fatigue.

Surprised? Well, you're not alone. The benefits of good posture may be one of the “best kept” health secrets. The good news is that most everyone can avoid the problems caused by bad posture and you can make postural improvements at any age.

Good Posture is Good Health

We're a health conscious society today and good posture is a part of it. Because good posture means your bones are properly aligned and your muscles, joints and ligaments can work as nature intended. It means your vital organs are in the right position and can function at peak efficiency. Good posture helps contribute to the normal functioning of the nervous system.

Without good posture, your overall health and total efficiency may be compromised. Because the long-term effects of poor posture can affect bodily systems (such as digestion, elimination, breathing, muscles, joints and ligaments), a person who has poor posture may often be tired or unable to work efficiently or move properly.

Even for younger people, how you carry yourself when working, relaxing or playing can have big effects. Did you know that just 15 minutes reading or typing when in the wrong position can exhaust the muscles of your neck, shoulders and upper back?

Poor Posture - How Does it Happen?

In most cases, poor posture results from a combination of several factors, which can include:

1. Accidents, injuries and falls
2. Poor sleep support (mattress)
3. Excessive weight
4. Visual or emotional difficulties
5. Foot problems or improper shoes
6. Weak muscles, muscle imbalance
7. Careless sitting, standing, sleeping habits
8. Negative self image
9. Occupational stress
10. Poorly designed work space

As you can see, poor posture can develop as a result of accidents or falls. However, most often it is the result of environmental factors or bad habits. This means that you have control.

Poor Posture & Pain

A lifetime of poor posture can start a progression of symptoms in the average adult. It can start with...
Fatigue – then tight, achy muscles in the neck, back, arms and legs - by this time, there may be a change in your muscles and ligaments and you may have a stiff, tight painful feeling. Many neck and back problems are the result of tight, achy muscles brought on by years of bad posture. Poor posture and limited mobility increase the likelihood of this condition in later years. Chiropractic can help you minimize those effects by removing spinal subluxations which contribute to bad posture and often first cause it to occur.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Control Your Allergy Symptoms Naturally

When looking to control allergy symptoms without resorting to medications, the first step is to limit your exposure. Using an air filter, preferably one that ties into a central heating and air conditioning system, can drastically reduce the build-up of allergens in your home. It is also important to focus on areas where allergens can collect. Pet areas, carpets, rugs, and upholstered furniture should be cleansed regularly, and bedding should be washed at least once a week.

In addition to these simple steps, you may want to look to your diet as a means for controlling your allergy symptoms. A study of 35 patients conducted in the Journal of Asthma found a positive correlation between allergy relief and vegetarian or vegan diets. In a clinical observation, 92 percent of patients who followed a vegan diet for one year reported reduction in asthma symptoms.

Foods that have been closely linked to respiratory allergies include dairy products, chocolate, sugar, and gluten. There is also strong evidence indicating a connection between allergic rhinitis and intake of certain food additives, including artificial dyes and colorants, sulfites, and benzoates.

Omega-3 fatty acids have also been shown to support healthy airways and additionally favor the production of anti-inflammatory mediators. In a 2009 study reported in the International Archives of Allergy and Immunology, atopic asthma patients supplemented daily with omega-3 fatty acids improved airway responsiveness even when subjects were exposed to a known allergen. Dietary sources of omega-3 fatty acids include cold-water fish, flax seeds, chia seeds, and walnuts.

Increasing antioxidant intake is also essential to prevent the free radicals that are often elevated in allergies and asthma. Vitamin C is considered as one of the most important dietary antioxidants for the protection of the lungs, and low levels of blood vitamin C are considered an independent risk factor for allergic rhinitis. Other beneficial antioxidants may include vitamin E, selenium, the carotenoids, and the flavonoids, which all posses powerful free radical- quenching capabilities.

Acupuncture can work wonders on allergy symptoms. After an acupuncture session, people often get immediate relief from the pressure that can occur due to sinus congestion. Acupuncture has also helped to shorten the length of time that people typically suffer from allergies.

Why go through life suffering from allergies if you don't have to? With a few dietary and lifestyle changes, you can face allergy season without stockpiling allergy medications and Kleenex. Set up an appointment with Doctor Doran today for more information about allergies and natural solutions.