Friday, March 5, 2010

Arthritis Patients Turn to Chiropractic

The Annals of Internal Medicine published the results of a survey of 232 people who had arthritis and were under a rheumatologists care.

Of those who responded, 63% said they were using some form of "complementary care" as named by the study.

Of those people, 31% were using chiropractic.

These numbers may themselves be grossly under reported as only 45% of the patients told their doctor about using the other forms of care.

These reported numbers translate to over 19% of the public who are seeing a rheumatologist are also seeing a chiropractor.

And if less that half of the patients are telling their doctor about it, the actual number may be twice as high.

Personally, I thought the most impressive statistic was that 73% of those trying chiropractic… found it helpful. The reasons given why people said they tried the non-medical care was:

  1. To control pain.
  2. They heard it helps.
  3. It is safe.
  4. It has helped someone they know.
  5. Their prescription medication wasn't working.

Chiropractic Works! It’s just up to you, the patient to make sure you follow through with your care. You don’t stop going to the dentist because your teeth don’t hurt. You continue to have your teeth checked because you want them to last. Your spine is no different. Call 303-463-0722 to schedule an appointment and begin relieving your arthritis pain today!

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