Thursday, December 3, 2009

How To Get Motivated!

The definition of motivation is the most misunderstood definition because of what the word implies in so many other arenas. If someone is tired, they may say they’re not motivated. If someone feels depressed, they may blame their lack of motivation. If someone is lazy they may indicate it’s because they don’t have any interest in the particular endeavor and their motivation is gone.All of these explanations have some element of truth, however, true motivation comes from a deliberate, concise, request for motivation by the individual.

How to get it? It must be deliberately sought after through specific action. Motivation towards any endeavor is not natural, although it may appear so at first due to someone’s interest or desire for the short term benefit of something.

Motivation can be generated at will by anyone towards any endeavor…it’s all about taking action!

Some people think motivation is an inner drive or feeling. They think it’s something that gets sparked by one of the five senses. If they see something they like and they want it, they may think that motivation is what causes them to get it or “act” on it. This is not true. That’s not motivation, that’s impulse or desire.

These people would define motivation as a desire that causes you to act. This is wrong. Real motivation is an act that causes a desire or drive! This is what makes motivation such a valuable tool in sales. If you take action, you’ll become motivated!

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