Friday, December 18, 2009

Healthy For The Holidays!

Ok, here are some of the most up to date tips to stay healthy for the holidays. To be healthy you have to make healthy choices and do things that everyone else is not. Healthy is a choice, and a little planning, but it is well worth it. Your health is your biggest asset. Here’s to an amazing holiday season…

Don’t Get Sick!

One of the reasons sickness, as well as all other diseases, rise during the holiday season is due to poor lifestyle choices. These poor choices are in the areas of, not getting adjusted, poor nutrition, allowing stress to run rampant, failing to exercise, etc.

Eliminating sickness and disease by increasing and maximizing your health and functioning of every cell, organ, and tissue of the body. Studies have shown that those under Chiropractic care had an Immune System 200% stronger than those who did not receive care, and 400% stronger immune systems than Cancer patients!


… at least 20 minutes per day, 3-4 times per week.
… try Interval training classes (sometimes called “Burst” or “Surge” training) burn more calories than regular aerobic exercise.
… releases endorphins so you will feel better and not eat as much.
… increases your metabolism so you store less fat.
… detoxifies your body through sweating.
… increases your body temperature to help destroy viruses and bacteria.

“Damage Control”

Remember to watch your “Acid/Alkaline Balance”. The more acidic your diet is (Man-made foods, Processed foods, sugars) the more likely bacteria, virus, fungi, cancer, inflammation, and disease will spread and develop.
Try to eat your normal meals the day of the holiday. If you can, consume a high fiber drink to give you feeling of fullness so you do not eat as much and also help “prep“ the body to digest and get rid of the bad/processed foods. Also try to eat your proteins first, then veggies, then carbs/desserts.


It is more important during the holidays to get your adjustments than ever. It decreases stress, increases your immune system, and focuses your mind. So if you have to miss an appointment for any reason make sure that you make it up!

Last But Not Least… Have Fun!

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