Thursday, April 30, 2009

Disease Vs. Dis-Ease, Is There A Difference?

Disease is a term used by medical doctors to describe something that has to do with a diagnosis.

When a doctor of chiropractic uses the word dis-ease it is indicative of your body being MINUS something that your body needs to be at it’s optimum health. Something needs to be restored, in order to help your body become normal again.

When your body is FREE of dis-ease, it is 100% normal and it has a better well being. as a chiropractor, I want to help restore your body to its optimum health.

Don’t forget, if your body is in chronic pain or discomfort, or you have pain that has lasted more than a few days, you are in a state of DIS-EASE, most likely due to pressure on the nerves. This is exactly what chiropractic specializes in treating!

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